On June 18th, the Innovation Value Institute hosted the PERFORM European Digital Retail Summit online. In line with the PERFORM EU Network ethos of research being intertwined industry, the event brought together experts from academia and industry to great success. With 235 registered participants from 35 countries around the world, this event was very aptly timed as the retail sector has undergone a huge amount of digital transformation in the past year. Our 32 speakers provided expert input on key areas in digital retail including supply chain management, customer experience, business models and the latest innovations in digital retail technologies. 

Keynote Speakers

Kicking off the day, Colin Creagh Head of Global Sales with Klarna provided our morning keynote address. Colin gave some really exciting insights into the dynamic way that Klarna are not only reshaping payment, but also the innovative way that they are reimagining customer engagement, user experience and the customer journey.

In the afternoon we had an another excellent keynote address from Stephan Fetsch, the Head of Retail with KPMG Germany. This session explored the scope of the impact of data-driven retail. Stephan’s insights showed the relevance of multi-layer analytics and especially the importance of psychographic segmentation of audiences to explore the “why” in consumer behaviour and motivations.


Expert Panel

In the middle of the day, we had a really interesting panel discussion with inputs from Linda Ward, Retail Renewal; Aileen Carville, SKMMP; Dr Eleonora Pantano, University of Bristol; Dr Dirk Werth, August-Wilhelm Scheer Institut and Josef Baker-Brunnbauer, SocialTechLab. From the future of retail, to the key steps retailers need to take in order to thrive in the new digital frontier, these experts provided excellent insights. The session was expertly moderated by Siobhan Keogh of the Mid-East Regional Skills Forum