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IVI’s mission is to research, develop and disseminate empirically proven and industry validated best practice for Digital Transformation through a unique open innovation collaboration between leading academic and industry practitioners.

Researchers at the Innovation Value Institute in collaboration with our enterprise partners forming research clusters as open innovation communities to innovate and develop digital transformation paths. Find out more

Strategic re-positioning of Digital value chains

Driven by the ongoing digital transformation across all sectors, most organisations are challenged with strategic re-positioning of value chains and business ecosystems.

Digital Transformation Pathways have yet to be established that consider business models, services and technology roadmaps.

Economic, societal and business implications of this digital transformation need to be discussed, wider impacts and constraints understood in order to drive the digital transformation that benefits all.

We help organisations to establish resilient and sustainable business ecosystems through digital transformation.

Research Clusters

Digital Health

Digital Retail


Key Digital Transformation Capabilities 

1. Planning and Execution Management

Establishing a coherent direction and actions regarding how digital can assist the organization to compete and thrive

2. Ecosystem Management
Leveraging the capabilities of, and creating synergies amongst, participants involved in the value chain supporting digital business objectives
3. Delivery and Operations Management
Providing the digital enablement across the organization through agility and innovation
4. Talent Development and Organizational Design
Aligning leadership, skills and management structures in support of the organization’s digital business objectives
5. Investment and Financial Management
Improving the return on investment from technology resources
6. Information Exploitation Management
Leveraging data to improve decision-making and business outcomes
7. Risk, Controls, and Cybersecurity Management
Mitigating threats to digital business objectives, and enforcing regulatory obligations, standards, policies and guidelines