IVI Weekly Coffee& Talk

Thursdays @ 1.30pm


IVI Weekly Coffee&Talk – Digital Transformation

You are invited to join the Innovation Value Institute’s Coffee&Talk on Digital Transformation on Thursdays at 1.30pm. Each week one of our researchers will provide a short (15 min) talk on their area of Digital Transformation, followed by a discussion between participants on the call. This informal meeting will allow both researchers and the wider public to find out about  and discuss digital innovations across a number of different fields.

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Spring Series 2024

14/03/24 – Engaging Senior Citizens on Digital Technologies for Integrated Health and Wellbeing









29/02/24 – Platform Strategies and Digital Ecosystems: An Introduction








Autumn Series 2023

07/12/23 – Mapping Theoretical Concepts to Enterprise Modelling Language








23/11/23 – Brian, Memory and other phenomena









09/11/23 – Requirement Modelling for Gaps in AI Act Compliance for Data Sharing in Health Data Spaces








26/10/23 – Unlocking the Personal Health Empowerment and Wellbeing with Mobile Health Technology








05/10/23 – Data Quality and Trustworthiness in Open Data Sources for Smart Mobility








21/09/23 – Partnering for Micro-credentials: A Maynooth University Approach








Spring Series 2023

15/06/23 – Responsible Data Use: Value Sharing and Value Alignment







08/06/23 – Data Quality for Smart Mobility (Demonstrated in the context of Smart Cities)







01/06/23 – Addressing Challenges in the Urban-Rural Mobility Continuum

An Exploration of Rural Intelligent Transport Systems







25/05/23 – Requirement Modelling for AI Act Compliance for Data Sharing in Health Data Spaces





18/05/23 – Data Everywhere, Interconnected Ecosystems





11/05/23 – PhD Thesis Defence: Myths and Reality 

Lessons learned from a PhD in Omnichannel Retail Management





04/05/23 – Digital Health Transformations



20/04/23 – Logistics-CMF towards a comprehensive digital maturity assessment of logistics processes, skills and supply chain value.



30/03/23 – Digital Transformation for Person-Driven Holistic Health and Wellbeing



23/03/23 – Consumer Confusion in Omnichannel Retailing



16/03/23 – Making VR Tourism Accessible for People With Disabilities



02/03/23 – Healthy Age Friendly Homes



23/02/23 – Thinking Local in GoGreenRoutes : Big Data in Medium Sized Cities



16/02/23 – Love, Data and Coffee



09/02/23 – Building Bridges to business Through IVI – Maynooth University Microcredentials



02/02/23 – Buildings Indoor Map App



Autumn Series 2022

15/12/22 – Data Sharing Across Boarders – GDPR as Facilitator and Challenges

From GDPR perscpective, How the GDPR facilitate and wat are the different challenges that exist for data sharing.


08/12/22 – Sciencepreneurship, A Cultural Perspective

Sciencepreneurship, The symbiotic relationship between science, entrepreneurship and sustainable economic growth. A Cultural Perspective.


01/12/22 – Let’s Talk About Data Governance – Some Ideas


17/11/22 – Data Governance and Data for Good


10/11/22 – The Ethical and Fair Use of Social Media Data: Case of Changes for Facebook Ads


20/10/22 – Data Governance and Digital Construction

From the BIM Summit.

With Marcus Helfert and Zohreh Pourzolfaghar


13/10/22 – RE-Direct: Designing and Analysing new Experiences in Omnichannel Retail


22/09/22 – Digital Health Transformation for Person-Driven Health and Wellbeing


Spring Series 2022

19/05/22 – Ethical Data Governance

Problematizing the normal neat boundaries of ethical data governance for data intensive software system.

05/05/22 – Understanding User Involvement in Technology Innovation

31/03/2022 – Digital Transformation of the Public Services

This week IVI Researcher Priyanka Singh explored the Digital transformation of the public services based on the citizen’s feedback.

24/03/2022 – Artificial Intelligence to Support the Decarbonisation of our Society

Dr Fabiano Pallonetto presented on this topic.The decarbonisation of our society is one of the significant challenges facing the world and is a crucial required action to mitigate climate change. Energy sources are converted, transported, and delivered to serve end-users through different energy systems with unique physical, commercial, and regulatory characteristics. The talk will outline how artificial intelligence can support the decarbonisation of our society from transport to the power system in such a heterogeneous landscape. It will present a brief overview of the significant current and future impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence in our society to support decarbonisation.

10/03/2022 – APIs as Enablers of Digital Transformation

Dr Peter Mooney, Dept of Computer Science, Maynooth University and Adapt Centre presented on Application Programming Interfaces as Enablers of Digital Transformation. 

03/03/2022 – Digital Health & Responsible AI

This week we heard from Dr Marco Alfano, Digital Health Cluster Lead at IVI, on Responsible use of AI for person empowerment on health and wellbeing. 

24/02/2022 – Data Spaces: A European Perspective

Maynooth University School of Business Researcher, Dr Umair Ul Hassan, presented on Data Spaces: A European Perspectives and led a discussion afterwards. 

17/02/2022 – Digital Design Thinking

IVI Visiting Researcher Christian Muck, University of Vienna, Presents on From Abstract Concepts to Digital Models: Digital Design Thinking with Scene2Model

03/02/2022 – Digi+ MSCA Co-fund Proposal

Prof Markus Helfert and Dr Zohreh Pourzolfaghar presented the proposal that they have developed, followed by a Q&A and discussion.

Spring Series 2021

06.05.2021 | Prof Markus Helfert | IVI Update and 2.0 Vision | Watch here

13.05.2021 | Gueltekin Cakir | Retail Sector Status & Next Directions for Retail Enterprise Digital Transformation | Watch here

24.05.2021 | Artem Bielozorov | Buy-Online-Pick-up-In-Store Process & its Importance for Engaging Customers In Store | Watch here 

26.05.2021 | Rehan Iftikhar | Practicalities & Huge Potential of Virtual Reality in Digital Retail | Watch here

03.06.2021 | Dr Viviana Bastidas | Enterprise Architecture as an Enabler of Digital Transformation | Watch here

10.06.2021 | Dr Zohreh Pourzolfaghar | Information Management & Technology Adoption | Watch here

17.06.2021 | Dr Marco Alfano | Digital Health for Trusted Person-Centred Health and Wellbeing | Watch here

24.06.2021 | Dr Adegboyega Ojo | The Context & Vision for the IVI GovTech Research Cluster | Watch here

Autumn Series 2021

02.12.2021 | Gabriel Hogan | Consent & Consent Withdrawal | Watch here

25.11.2021 | Dr Mansoor Ahmed | Semantic Blockchain: Providing Provenance for GDPR Compliance | Watch here

11.11.2021 | Douglas Cirquiera | User-centred and Explainable AI-powered Processes for Understanding Customer Behaviour | Watch here

04.11.2021 | Rehan Iftikhar | Technology-Enabled Interactions in Omnichannel Retail | Watch here

28.10.2021 | Dr Viviana Bastidas | A Value Centric Approach for Circular Business Model Innovation | Watch here 

21.10.2021 | Dr Marco Alfano | Digital Transformation in Healthcare for Person-Activated Health and Wellbeing | Watch here

14.10.2021 | Dr Edgar Galvan | The Power and Potential of Machine Learning | Watch here

07.10.2021 | Priyanka Singh | Enterprise Architecture for Transforming Public Services | Watch here

23.09.2021 | Prof Markus Helfert | Digital Transformation Paths: What they are, the advantages to their use, and their widespread impact | Watch here

16.09.2021 | Gueltekin Cakir | Channel-specific Products in Retailing and how Different Channels can Influence New Product Development | Watch here