Cloud Adoption Assessment

Optimizing your Organization’s Cloud Technology Adoption

Operating whole or part of the business from the Cloud is not new to the IT industry.

Members of the C-Suite across the globe understand the power of cloud.

They understand the benefits of moving from capex to opex, the benefits of elasticity, and the cost benefits of being on cloud.

Yet, the take of up cloud, the actual transition of Tier 1 apps to public clouds remains low.

The truth is that most organizations understand the power of the cloud, but few are ready for it.

How do we de-bug the uncertainty that remains around Cloud technology adoption?
How do we support senior IT professionals in choosing the most appropriate Cloud strategy for their organization and migrating to the target model?

Our Cloud Adoption Assessment has been specifically created to help an organisation understand their barriers to cloud adoption, and build capability to move to the cloud by identifying:

  1. Your Organization’s cloud strategy
  2. Organizational needs driving cloud adoption
  3. Challenges around preventing cloud adoption
  4. What type of cloud is needed, and the type of provider required
  5. Management practices requiring improvement to be ready for cloud

Few organisations understand their current capability.

IT Effectiveness is a slice across the entirety of the business and IT with a view on every critical capability.

Enables CIO to gain insight across the breadth of their IT organisation.

What do you get out of completing our Cloud Adoption Assessment?

Help you identify what needs are driving Cloud Adoption across your organization

Identify barriers that are currently limiting or constricting Cloud Adoption

Identify the maturity of your organization’s cloud investment, and desired future maturity.

Link your desired maturity to key capability from our IT-CMF framework

Get a roadmap with key steps to help your organization build a plane for success in your Cloud Adoption journey

We recognize the Cloud adoption can be a difficult journey for most organizations.

Cloud is a familiar concept, but must organizations are not moving tier 1 apps into the cloud. Our survey helps to uncover the pain points and build a plan to change it.

Our Assessment is comprehensive

We look at drivers, barriers, and the management capabilities required to build cloud, as well as what cloud type will work best for the client and the their return on current cloud investment

Powered by the IT-CMF

The only cloud tool built on IT-CMF, providing users with a capability improvement tool set. Others focus on technology, we focus on competency and organisational barriers.

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“To successfully respond to competitive forces, organisations need to continually review and evolve their existing IT practices, processes, and cultural norms across the entire organisation. IT-CMF provides a structured framework for them to do that.”

Christian Morales, Corporate Vice President and General Manager EMEA, Intel Corporation

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