IT Effectiveness Assessment

Effectively implement your organization’s IT Strategy

CIOs, IT professionals and business leaders struggle to measure IT effectiveness.


Because IT can no longer be seen as a back-office function – organizations need to provide tangible and logical evidence of IT effectiveness in relation to function and value management.

IVI’s IT Effectiveness Assessment is perfect for CIOs & IT Leaders looking for an immediate landscape view of the IT organization.

Our Assessment looks at capability across the organisation using all 36 critical capabilities giving you a single view of the entire IT implementation – highlighting Current Maturity, Target Maturity and how your organization compares to the industry benchmark data.

IT Strategy

(Sample output)




How do you know where to prioritise IT budget?


How effective is your IT function?


How ready is your IT for the future?

Our IT Effectiveness Assessment has been specifically created to:

1. Provide a high-level comprehensive view of the current and target capability state of the organisation.

Few organisations understand their current capability.

IT Effectiveness is a slice across the entirety of the business and IT with a view on every critical capability.

The IT Effectiveness Assessment provides overall insight into the capability and overall maturity of the IT organization.


IT Effectiveness will highlight improvement themes


You will create a capability improvement plan


Part of that plan will focus on specific capabilities to be improved

2. Identifies priority Improvement themes and specify which critical capabilities need to be improved to impact the Improvement themes.

IT Effectiveness will identify capability gaps and maturity gaps.

The assessment output will help the organization decide what to prioritise in the short and long term, and also identify hidden or unknown issues – it helps to identify what is important to the organization.


Reduction in Customer Impacting Incidents


Capability Improvement


Reduction in Operating Costs

3. Provide the customer with a benchmark report to assess how they are doing compared to the market

IVI has a benchmark of over 650 Organizations across all industries

Our benchmark capability allows an organization to see how it performs against other similar organizations, providing even more insight into the IT capability maturity of your organization.

4. Offers a capability improvement roadmap to help organizations improve their capability

Critical capabilities are mapped according to themes.

Capabilities have interdependencies, and how each CC connects with another forms a business theme.

These themes should correlate with the business objectives.

Remedial plans are built around these themes

“IT-CMF provides us with a structured and systematic approach to identify the capabilities we need, a way to assess our strengths and weaknesses, and clear pathways to improve our performance.”

Suresh Kumar, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, BNY Mellon

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