IVI Talks – The Podcast

Emphasising the importance of differing opinions, methods and viewpoints, and the need to discuss them.  

The most interesting conversations often happen before, after and behind the scenes of industry and academic events. This podcast aims to bring together leaders in digital transformation and innovation, from both industry and academia, who have differing points of view. What follows is a conversation examining the current topics of interest in a range of different fields through points of view that are both holistic and individual.

Episode 1. What next after a Digital PhD?

The PERFORM EU Project is in its final year and the PhD students involved are coming to a natural fork in the road – to continue with research, or to move into industry. Bringing together two PhD students with two clear and different goals for the next steps in their careers, this is a interesting discussion exploring the questions faced by researchers across every discipline.

Episode 2. IVI Thought Leader Series on Digital Transformation 

This series will focus on presentations and discussions from global leaders exploring what lies ahead in digital transformation practices for the next decade. We were delighted to host Prof Piero Formica who will discuss Transformative Insights into Digital Transformation and Innovation. Listen to the presentation and discussion now.