IT-CMF Assessor Essentials Certified Training

IT-CMF Assessor Essentials Summary

“Overall very comprehensive course that provided all the necessary info & exercises to allow practitioners to plan/conduct & report assessment finding. Feel confident that I can have the toolkit skill necessary to conduct an assessment. Very excited to add to my arsenal of assessment skills”

IT-CMF Assessor Essentials course participant

Duration: 2 Days
Date: 12-13 March 2014, BNY Mellon, 101 Barclay Street Conference Center, New York City, NY
Cost: $6,000 Early Bird rate until 1 March 2014†

Course Description:
The course is designed to enable participants to conduct IT-CMF assessments independently. It is an accelerated path to competency for IT-CMF Associate certified individuals, who have demonstrated an understanding of IT Capability Maturity Framework core concepts and associated processes, models, and activities; this is a pre-requisite for those who wish to develop the knowledge and skills required to conduct IT-CMF Assessments, and to qualify as IT-CMF Professionals.

†Cost: All listed prices are Early Bird rates; the regular IT-CMF Assessor Essentials course fee is $6800 per participant. IVI Member discounts do not apply to Early Bird pricing.
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This IT-CMF Assessor Essentials course is rated as a Tier 3 certified training program on the Innovation Value Institute’s IT-CMF 5-Tier Education Model.
There are two components of this course:

1. Instructor-led classroom-based component.

The classroom program is designed to transfer the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes required to conduct IT-CMF Assessments. The classroom program enables participants to:

  • Expand their understanding of the IT-CMF assessment process
  • Learn and demonstrate IT-CMF assessment knowledge and skills
  • Understand how IT-CMF Assessments are applied in different assessment contexts
  • Explain how IT-CMF Assessments can be effectively applied to determine the capability maturity of organizations and how IT-CMF can meet their IT capability maturity enhancement needs
  • Conduct any of the different types of IT-CMF assessments
  • Provide preparation details for the experiential component of the IT-CMF Assessment Evaluation process

At the end of the classroom program, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the IT-CMF assessment process
  2. Manage an IT-CMF assessment
  3. Operate IT-CMF assessment applications and tools
  4. Perform IT-CMF assessment data analysis
  5. Interpret IT-CMF assessment data
  6. Identify practices to increase capability maturity
  7. Prepare IT-CMF assessment reports
  8. Present an IT-CMF assessment report, showing relevant survey data
  9. Present conclusions based upon the evidence of the assessment

2. IT-CMF Assessment practicum.

The candidate conducts an IT-CMF Assessment, continuously evaluated by an IVI-Approved Evaluator. By default, the classroom component of the IT-CMF Assessor Essentials program uses worked examples from Benefit Assessment & Realisation (BAR) and IT Leadership & Governance (ITG) Critical Capability assessments to support participants’ learning and development. At the conclusion of the IT-CMF Assessor Essentials program, candidates who demonstrate a sufficient level of competency in the IT-CMF Assessor Essentials curriculum learning objectives will be awarded the IT-CMF Professional certificate and will be qualified to independently conduct all IT-CMF Assessment types.
*If we do not attain the functional minimum number of participants, IVI will reschedule this course. In the event that IVI reschedules the training course, the options available to the participant are:
100% refund will be returned if the rescheduled dates do not fit into the participant’s schedule.
The participant can reschedule and attend a class in future at their convenience, at any location, on any date of scheduled training, at the original price.
The participant may delegate a replacement to participate. This should be communicated to IVI at least 3 days ahead of the event date.
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