Excited to announce a session at the upcoming EU Sustainable Energy Week 2023 on Career opportunities in the energy transition: the skills you need for the green economy!Join the team of the EU Project RES4CITY led by Maynooth University as we dive into the topic of preparing for the energy transition by equipping individuals and organizations with the necessary skills for the changing landscape of the energy sector.This session will provide an overview of the skills needed to operationalize EU energy policy through new competencies and job types. With insights from four EU-funded projects, we will explore current industry trends, government policies, and job demands related to the energy transition. We will identify specific areas within the energy sector where new jobs and skills will be needed in the near future.The session will shed light on both technical and non-technical skills required for these new careers, ranging from project management to renewable energy analytics. We will showcase new job opportunities, relevant upskilling, and training programs aligning with these emerging career paths.In addition, we will highlight the use of innovative tools such as serious games and augmented reality as a means to upskill the workforce and adapt to the digitalization of society. These cutting-edge technologies offer exciting opportunities for enhancing the learning and development journey of professionals in the energy sector.To make the session truly practical, we will also conduct a workshop on an upskilling journey, providing participants with hands-on experience and actionable insights. Moreover, we will share links to a repository of relevant supporting resources to further support participants in their skills development.Don’t miss this informative and engaging session at EU Sustainable Energy Week 2023! Join us to gain valuable insights into the skills needed for the energy transition, explore new job opportunities, and discover innovative tools for upskilling the workforce. Let’s prepare for the future of the energy sector together!