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 IVI’S next iteration of IT-Capability Maturity Framework unveiled


Maynooth University, Ireland, 25th October 2018 – In a dynamic, ever-evolving business climate, it has never been so important for organisations to be able to manage change. Today’s organisations need to adapt to many challenges, from Brexit and climate change, to new legislation, and the evolving needs and demands of customers. In short, having an effective change capability change can make or break a company

With this firmly in mind, the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) has announced the fourth significant update of its landmark IT-Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) which features Organizational Change Management (OCM) as one of its new Critical Capabilities.

Commenting on the addition of the OCM Critical Capability, Martin Delaney, General Manager, IVI said, “The speed, magnitude, and lack of predictability of change in today’s world has ensured that change is becoming an increasingly important capability for contemporary organizations. This is especially true for IT-enabled change in the digital world.”

“It is one thing to put the plans in place to help your business deal with change, but to successfully enact it requires a clear implementation and management plan. In adding the Organizational Change Management critical capability to our Maturity Framework, we can support businesses through this essential process.”

The Winter 2018 Release of the IT-CMF also includes seven refreshed Critical Capabilities (CCs) and the introduction of Data Analytics (DA) as another Critical Capability.

Real-time analytics is becoming increasingly important to enable organizations to make full use of their own and external data to support better understanding, informed decision-making, and assist planning. These outcomes, in turn, can lead to smarter business strategies, more efficient operations, higher profits, and happier customers.

The Data Analytics (DA) CC will allow organizations to develop their ability to specify objectives for data analytics, identify datasets relevant to those objectives, apply analytical methods and techniques and interpret, communicate, and exploit the analytical results so that value is created for the organization, its partners, and customers.

In total, Winter 2018 Release of the IT-CMF encompasses:

The Introduction of two new Critical Capabilities:

  • Organizational Change Management (OCM)
  • Data Analytics (DA)

New iterations of seven core IT-CMF capabilities:

  • Enterprise Information Management (EIM)
  • Innovation Management (IM)
  • Accounting and Allocation (AA)
  • Budget Management (BGM)
  • Budget Oversight and Performance Analysis (BOP)
  • Funding and Financing (FF)
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Changes to the five financial CCs (AA, BGM, BOP, FF, TCO) focus on presenting a more standard approach to the capabilities, in line with that adopted for other CCs released during 2018.

The Enterprise Information Management (EIM) CC has re-focused its relationship with Data Analytics (DA). Data Analytics (DA) has been developed to provide detailed guidance on data analytics. EIM still provides guidance on enabling DA in terms of data and information management.

Innovation Management (IM) is now a merger of the Innovation Management (IM) and Research, Development and Engineering (RDE) CCs from the previous version.

CC- Skills Mapping

Responding to the recognized need to address organizational capability and individual skills development holistically, the mapping between CCs and Skills links IT-CMF with the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA).

While IT-CMF provides a roadmap of what an organisation needs to do to improve, skills frameworks are useful to identify skills gaps and training requirements. Together, they are a powerful tool to help organizations identify their strategic priorities; design and support the implementation of holistic improvement plans; and demonstrate organizational improvement afterwards.

Capability Performance Indicators (CPIs)

A Balanced Scorecard approach for each IT capability has been developed so that users of IT-CMF can track on-going performance against IT capability improvement goals, and ultimately digital transformation objectives, focus the organization on what is important by aligning IT capability performance measures to key business strategies and provide insight on how well an IT capability is working, and how it’s underlying drivers are performing.

The IT-CMF Tool-kit includes:
Position Papers ·    Outline key challenges faced by IT and Business Leaders for each CC

·    Help navigate those challenges in the digital context

Master Decks ·    Describe key attributes of the CC

·    High level guidance on capability improvement

Assessments ·    Identify organizations’ current and target maturity levels in relation to the      CC

·    Identify priority action areas

POMs ·    Suggested Practices, Outcomes, and Metrics at each level of maturity

·    Offer a starting point for organizational improvement planning

Key Skills ·      Structured guidance on key skills required at different levels in organizations

·      Incorporates the skills and people side of delivering capability improvement

CPIs ·      Capability Performance Indicators to track on-going performance against improvement goals

The Innovation Value Institute (IVI) was co-founded in 2006 by Maynooth University and Intel to help drive the transformation of IT management and to create a global gold standard for IT Management. Funded by Enterprise Ireland (EI) and IDA Ireland, the IVI brings together leading academic and industry practitioners for an open collaboration on the research, development and dissemination of empirically proven and industry validated IT best practice.IT-CMF™ will continue to be refreshed in subsequent release cycles. You can find out more information about the framework and IVI’s monthly webinar series at https://ivi.ie/

IVI’s IT Capability Maturity Framework™ (IT-CMF™) is a comprehensive suite of proven management practices, assessment approaches and improvement strategies covering a number management disciplines or Critical Capabilities (CCs).

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