IVI’s training and certification programme provides a staged approach to learning about and applying IVI’s Capability Improvement Body of Knowledge (BoK) and Digital Transformation Toolkits to manage and improve organizational capability. The programme comprises a series of training courses and qualifications. The courses are focused on different aspects of using IVI’s BoK and Digital Transformation Toolkits to various levels of depth and detail. The tiered structure of the training programme offers participants flexible learning paths, which align their studies to key areas of interest and relate to the different applications and uses of IVI’s knowledge assets, assessment platform, and capability improvement and digital transformation guidance, roadmaps, and practices.

IVI Digital Transformation Training Courses


Courses Qualification

IVI Digital Transformation Passport (Classroom)

IVI Digital Transformation ePassport (E-Learning)

IVI Affiliate


Course Qualification
IVI Digital Transformation Core (Classroom) IVI Associate


Course Qualification
Conducting IVI Digital Transformation Assessments for Consultants (Classroom) IVI Professional Consultant
Conducting IT Effectiveness Assessments (Classroom) IVI Professional (EA)
Conducting Digital Readiness Assessments (Classroom) IVI Professional (DRA)
Conducting Cloud Adoption Assessments (Classroom) IVI Professional (CAA)
Conducting IVI Digital Transformation Critical Capability Assessments (Classroom) IVI (CCA)