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The presentation suite think-cell is a plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint. Its component think-cell chart significantly improves the chart-making capabilities of PowerPoint. It was developed to make the creation and formatting of charts in PowerPoint an easier and more efficient process. Professional charts, such as waterfall, Gantt and Marimekko, can be created 3-5 times faster. Data for the charts can be taken directly from Excel sheets, and changes in the data can be easily updated in the charts displayed in PowerPoint. think-cell chart also has built-in support to display connectors and labels for the charts.

More detailed information about think-cell can be found on the think-cell company site:

The latest update to think-cell 6 includes entirely new features, capable of creating and maintaining complete agenda slides in PowerPoint as effortlessly as in a good word processor. Please visit for further information on the agenda capabilities of the new layout component.

Usage Agreement: think-cell is only to be used for academic and nonprofit use by current IVI/NUIM researchers and students. Contact to receive your installation key.