Digital Retail II: How AI Analytics can enhance customer experience & expose new opportunities

Thursday 27 May 2021
From creating superior customer experience to improving operational efficiencies and uncovering new business opportunities, AI Analytics represents a major driver and capability for retailers. The data-driven industry benefits from novel analytics technologies and applications producing deeper business insights through collecting, processing, and analysis of big data emerging along the customer journey. We will discuss novel approaches and present case studies of various AI applications demonstrating the significant role data and analytics has become in the transformational process of the whole retail industry.
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André Barbosa

André Barbosa obtained a bachelor’s in Information Systems from the University of Sao Paulo in 2016 and since then he works with data-related projects where he always wanted to align academic research with industry problems. He works as a data scientist at QuintoAndar since 2019 and since 2020 he works in the customer support team using NLP to solve real problems. Furthermore, he is a Master’s student in the computer science department at the University of Sao Paulo, where he studies Deep Learning methods applied to Question & Answering systems. In the spare time, he likes to learn ukulele and distill some knowledge by writing in his personal blog.

Douglas Cirqueira

Data Scientist at the Global Strategic Pricing team at RHI Magnesita

Douglas is a Data Scientist at the Global Strategic Pricing team at RHI Magnesita and a Ph.D. candidate and researcher in Data Analytics at Dublin City University. Douglas has a bachelor’s in Computer Engineering and a master’s in Artificial Intelligence, and he was involved in AI and Data Science projects in universities and companies in Brazil, the USA, and Germany.

Dr Gültekin Cakir

Digital Retail

Gültekin Cakir is a Researcher at the IVI, Maynooth University, Ireland, and a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow in the PERFORM European Training Network, a Horizon 2020 funded project, where he is also chair of the ESR-Committee. He was involved in various consulting projects with SMEs and has a background in Business Management, Digital Retail and Information Systems. His research interest and recent publications deal with strategic and operational challenges retailers face such as the “Retail Apocalypse“, while undergoing the digital transformation process in the industry. Currently, he is investigating the strategic barriers of assortment integration while pursuing an omnichannel retailing approach. With the help of major Austrian and Irish retailers, he explores the underlying factors and new dynamics in assortment decision-making.

Eric Weisz

Eric Weisz studied business law (LL.B.) in Heidelberg, Germany and gained practical experience at Ernst & Young in auditing and legal consulting, besides his studies. During his Master’s degree in Business Management for SMEs (MA) at IMC FH Krems, Austria, he worked for Union Investment, one of the leading investment companies. While still a student, Eric Weisz founded his first company, which he successfully sold to Kastner Großhandelsgesellschaft at the end of 2020. Already at the beginning of 2020, he founded the company Circly with his current partners, which offers AI-as-a-service and develops a web-based no-code toolbox for AI applications in production and retail. Their core competence is forecasting sales figures, marketing effects and staff planning. For this, the company has already collected a number of grants and investments.

Caio Paulino

Head of Data and Analytics at C&A Brazil. 13 years working on building analytical teams in the retail business. Graduated in Econcomics at Unicamp (Brazil) , with specialization at  Concordia University (Canada) and USP (Brazil).

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