Shaping an innovative mobility and payment service

Webinar Date 27.08.20

There is no doubt that the mobility sector will look significantly different within the next 5 years. Technological advances enabling modern e-cars, ride-sharing and autonomous/augmented driving etc. are reshaping mobility services and individual transportation experiences. By 2030 it is forecast that global mobility as a Service Revenues will exceed $1 Trillion.

These changes will challenge established business models and revenue streams for existing stakeholders as well as open up opportunities for new stakeholders within the mobility sector. Current mobility providers will need to redefine their role.


The Speakers

Facilitator: Laura Clifford

Laura is the Senior Executive Manager of FinTech Fusion at the ADAPT Research Centre, which is a global centre of excellence for digital content technology and media innovations. ADAPT is funded by Science Foundation Ireland and brings together eight Irish Universities: Laura is responsible for leading commercialisation, operation and business development activities within FinTech Fusion, which is a large scale, collaborative research programme led by ADAPT in collaboration with Insight and Lero research centres. The programme partners with a consortium of Financial Service, Insurance and FinTech companies to drive innovation in the sector, exploring technologies such as blockchain and AI to revolutionise the financial service and insurance industries.

Thomas Normann

Thomas is COO and co-founder at MeaWallet and has been with the company since its inception and knows the industry, the company and its offerings better than most. With a technical product background, he has been in the intersection of sales, product development and strategy and today he uses this experience to ensure that MeaWallet is in the forefront of providing state-of-the-art digital payment solutions to its customers.

Declan Fay

Declan is VP of Strategic Business Development with Mobica and has more than 20 years’ experience in the technology industry with a background spanning manufacturing & supply chain, hardware & software product & business development, digital technology strategy & transformation. At Mobica Declan leads strategic initiatives encompassing R&D, solutions, business development & ecosystem engagement.

Professor Markus Helfert


Markus Helfert is the Director of IVI and Professor of Digital Service Innovation at Maynooth University. He is also Director of the Business Informatics Group at Maynooth University. He is a Principle Investigator at Lero – The Irish Software Research Centre and at the Adapt Research Centre. His research is centred on Digital Service Innovation, Smart Cities and IoT based Smart Environments and includes research areas such as Service Innovation, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Smart Services, Building Information Management, FinTech, Data Value, Enterprise Architecture, Technology Adoption, Analytics, Business Process Managem ent. Prof. Helfert is an expert in Data Governance Standards and is involved in European Standardisation initiatives. Markus Helfert has authored more than 200+ academic articles, journal and book contributions and has presented his work at international conferences. Helfert has received national and international grants from agencies such as European Union (FP7; H2020), Science Foundation Ireland and Enterprise Ireland, was project coordinator on EU projects, and is the Project coordinator of the H2020 Projects: PERFORM on Digital Retail.

The IVI Webinar series aims to bring together thought leaders from the world of academia, business and public sector to address key challenges in the areas of innovation, technology management and technology adoption. In 2020 the webinar series will replace the IVI annual summit which has taken place since 2007 in Maynooth University and has attracted speakers and attendees from across the globe.