IVI Webinar Series 2020

November 26th 2020 - 14:00 - 16:00 GMT (UTC+00:00)

Holistic Organisation Transformation


Digital Transformation signifies a fundamental change in how technology, strategy, processes, and people combine to radically enhance how businesses and other organisations perform.

When it comes to implementing organisation transformation and change, these dimensions needs to be understood in an holistic manner. Any effective business leader will tell you that introducing new technology is the easier part of the equation; it’s the strategic, cultural, and process changes that can thwart transformation progress.

Organisational silos, analysis paralysis and the ‘tyranny of bureaucracy’ often countervail transformation efforts. In this webinar, we explore how an increased emphasis on the holistic interoperation of strategy, organisational culture, and process innovation can improve the likelihood of a successful transformation.

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The Contributors

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