The use of technology in the fight against Covid 19

Aug 20th 2020

During the current Covid-19 Pandemic, many countries have deployed contact tracing applications with mixed success rates. Ireland’s efforts have been more successful than others and have been recognized as such internationally . We hear from the team responsible on the challenges faced and their experiences in deploying the app to date.

We will also hear how technology is being used in other scenarios to control infection rates.

The Speakers

Facilitator: Joan Mulvihill

Digitalisation Lead, Siemens Ireland

As the Digitalisation Lead for Siemens in Ireland, Joan Mulvihill continues to be at the forefront of driving technology adoption in Ireland. Having held the position of CEO of the Irish Internet Association for 7 years, followed by 2 years as the Centre Director for the Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce, her role at Siemens builds on Siemens’ and her deep commitment to and understanding of the needs of Irish business for their digital transformation. Digitalisation means working differently. Siemens will always work with their clients to meet their operational technology needs with world class products and services and now through Digitalisation, Siemens leverages its domain expertise with clients to transform and create the businesses of their future.

Gar Mac Críosta

Gar Mac Críosta is an IASA certified architect and spends much of his time trying to figure out what being a sociotechnologist is; so he can be one. He regularly engages in humane human experiments and is very certain that he spends most of his time being uncertain. Currently (since March 2020) he is the Product Lead for the COVID Tracker App in the Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland ( a COVID-19 pandemic response app. Gar has worked as a Digital Advisor to the CIO in the HSE since early 2019. Gar is the founder of Business Model Adventures and has been an active contributor to IASA Global since 2006, developing & delivering education and certification programs. Gar has facilitated the development of change programs with C-level executives, senior managers, technology leaders, and executives in the areas of business model innovation, digital strategy, architecture, and design across various indus¬tries. Gar is a Certified Architect Professional (IASA CITAP), a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society, a LEGO Serious Play Practitioner (LSP) and in the process of becoming a Cynefin Practitioner.

Colm Harte

Colm is Technical Director at NearForm who have helped the HSE and Dept of Health build the Covid Tracker Ireland app, and to play a part in Ireland’s effort against Covid-19. Colm has 25 years’ experience in the software industry bringing a unique combination of technical skills and expertise in software architecture, development and leadership. He has a very broad knowledge of software as a creative process, along with significant management and leadership experience. He has extensive product experience having worked on products from inception, all the way through to large-scale production deployments.

Dr. Rosario Caruso

Dr. Rosario Caruso leads research programs in health science, public health, and nursing science with a particular interest in behavioral and organizational research. Currently, he serves as director of the unit of health professions research and innovation at Policlinico San Donato (PSD) in Milan, Italy. Dr. Caruso has been the editor-in-chief of the Italian Journal of Nursing (ISSN: 2420-8248) since October 2018. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Milan and the University of Pavia, being involved in undergraduate and post-graduate courses. His clinical background was mainly given by his previous experience in operating theatres and critical care.

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