Mastering Business Innovation

A 5 day workshop focused on the immediate benefit and practical application of agile and innovative approaches to digital readiness.
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This 5-day workshop is an intensive, fast-paced, pragmatic programme with directed learning, hands-on activities, and an assessment.

Using IVI’s Confirm-Assess-Design-Improve (CADI) model, the focus is on immediate benefit and practical application of agile and innovation approaches.


A fundamental change in how technology, people, and processes combine to radically enhance how business is done.

Digital Transformation will enhance the quality and diversity of your business’s products and services for decades to come.


IVI’s Mastering Business Innovation programme (or MBI) will help you begin your transformation journey.


As part of the programme, you will identify transformation challenges for your business.


You will be expertly guided to begin addressing your business priorities through the innovation and Design process.

A new way of working

This 5-day workshop can be taken either as a stand-alone to support your current activities, or as a starting point for your Digital Transformation programme, which can continue to be guided by the knowledge in IVI’s Digital Transformation Suite as you progress, to reap the benefits of your move to your new way of working.

Programme Design & Content

The programme comprises five blocks:


Digital Disruption & Leading Change


Digital Readiness (including assessment)


Digital Strategy + Business Model


Agility, Innovation + Flow


Digital Transformation

(including digital change management – Design | Deliver | Deploy)

You will get:

1. An understanding of Digital, Agile, and Innovation for businesses
2. A baseline Digital Readiness rating
3. Insights into what needs to be done to achieve your business ambitions
4. Approaches to building organisation agility

5. Expert guidance on designing and innovating products and services for your firm

Target Audience

Innovating for Digital Transformation is an organization- wide initiative.

In order to deliver the best possible business outcomes, we recommend that senior leaders, key influencers & partners take part in the workshop.

Essential Information

This event takes place in September 2019, in the Innovation Value Institute facility in Maynooth University’s Eolas building.

This state-of-the art facility serves as a “ICT & Digital research powerhouse” to drive innovation and foster collaboration between academia, industry, and society-at-large.

When and Where

Event: Mastering Business Innovation Executive Education

Date Duration: September 2019 5 days

Mode of Study: Onsite Facilitated Executive Education Programme in Maynooth University

Where to Stay: Maynooth Campus Conference & Accommodation 

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