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SImplifier of Medical texts for Patients and Less Experts (SIMPLE)

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Project Description:
Medical texts (reports, articles, etc.) are usually written by professionals (physicians, medical researchers, etc.) who use their own language and communication style. On the other hand, these texts are often read by health consumers who do not have the same skills and vocabularies of the experts.
We have built a system, a SImplifier of Medical texts for Patients and Less Experts (SIMPLE), that processes online medical documents and provides users with consumer terms and explanations. By doing so, the user will have everything at hand by dealing with a single document that contains all the useful information for its understanding and deciding on the subject.

Researchers: Marco Alfano

Funding: Italian ‘Smart Health’ Project (PON04a2_C), carried out within the Smart Cities Program 2007–2013

Italian ‘ADAPT – Accessible Data for Accessible Proto-Types in Social Sector’ Project (PON Smart Cities SCN_00447)

Collaboration / Partners: University of Palermo, Italian National Council of Research

Timeframe: 2015-2020

About the Researchers: