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Analysing the Impact of Citizen’s Feedback in Service Design Process: An Architectural Approach in Smart City Context

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Project Description:
There are various means of citizen participation for obtaining citizen feedback and utilising them in decision making process and design of services. Examples include: e-gov, e-mov, big data, open data, e-participation, online platforms etc. However, there is a lack of understanding on how citizen’s feedback/inputs are incorporated for designing and providing improved quality of services. Therefore, this project aims to invesitgate the role of citizen engagement in service design process and how their feedback can be incorporated for designing better quality of the services.

Researchers: Markus Helfert (MU, IVI), Fiona Lynch(WIT),Priyanka Singh

Funding: SFI/Lero

Timeframe: 2018-2022

About the Researchers: