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A comparison between ASG principles and the ICT principles in enterprises/cities

Project Sector(s):
Research Area(s):
Project Description:
This research aimed to make a comparison between the created principles by Architecture & Standards Group (ASG), sub-group of the Heads of Information Systems ICT Committee of the LGMA (Local Government Management Association), and the ICT principles in 3 other organisation/cities, including:

  1. IT Strategy and Architecture-Plymouth University;
  2. Barcelona city principles; and
  3. National ICT Strategic Principles.

The outcome of the research is the outline of the principles in other organisation which could be considered by ASG.

Researchers: Zohreh Pourzolfaghar, Markus Helfert

Funding: Lero

Collaboration / Partners: Architecture and Standards Group (ASG) – a sub-group of the Irish Local Government HIS group, reporting directly to the ICT Committee of the LGMA (Local Government Management Association)

Timeframe: 2019-2021

About the Researchers: