Understand and improve your capabilities in tackling emerging Cybersecurity and Risk Management challenges

Maynooth University, Ireland, 30 April 2018 – The Innovation Value Institute (IVI) has announced the next significant update of its landmark IT-Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF), with five updated Critical Capabilities (CCs) and 2 brand new Effectiveness Assessments. This Summer 2018 release builds on the Spring release, which saw 5 Critical Capabilities released.

Recent high-profile controversies in relation to information security have highlighted the complexity of organisations’ responsibilities for a wide range of data. Understanding, improving, and building awareness of these issues is imperative for organisations to retain public trust and remain operational. The newly launched Cybersecurity Effectiveness Assessment, and the updated Risk Management (RM) capability build a foundation for organisations to understand their capability in these critical areas.

Another new digital offering for IVI is the DevOps Effectiveness Assessment and updated Solutions Delivery (SD) capability, which together respond to the need for maximum efficiency and quality in IT solutions by enhancing collaboration and cross-functionality.

This release also sees new iterations of three core IT-CMF capabilities:

  • Benefits Assessment and Realisation (BAR)
  • Technical Infrastructure Management (TIM)
  • Knowledge Management (KM)

Changes to Benefits Assessment & Realization (BAR) recognize the need for agility and innovation as key benefits drivers for IT investments in digital transformation.  They also enable organizations to assess and realize benefits more proactively.

A more strategic approach to IT infrastructure management, rather than a purely technical focus, is reflected in the updated Technical Infrastructure Management (TIM).

The existing Knowledge Asset Management (KAM) has been redeveloped and renamed Knowledge Management (KM) to reflect that the value from knowledge arises in its use by people rather than focusing on how it is stored in assets.

Finally, the existing IT Effectiveness Assessment will be updated to reflect the Spring and Summer releases.

Neil McKeown, Head of Consulting at Neueda recently commented on the work of the IT-CMF: “We at Neueda are delighted to see the ongoing evolution of IT-CMF with this latest release, and look forward to adding further value to our customers on their Digital Transformation journey.”

IT-CMF™ will continue to be refreshed in subsequent release cycles. You can find out more information about the framework and IVI’s monthly webinar series at www.ivi.ie

The IT-CMF Tool-kit includes:
Position Papers ·    Outline key challenges faced by IT and Business Leaders for each CC

·    Help navigate those challenges in the digital context

Master Decks ·    Describe key attributes of the CC

·    High level guidance on capability improvement

Assessments ·    Identify organizations’ current and target maturity levels in relation to the CC

·    Identify priority action areas

POMs ·    Suggested Practices, Outcomes, and Metrics at each level of maturity

·    Offer a starting point for organizational improvement planning

The Innovation Value Institute (IVI) was co-founded in 2006 by Maynooth University and Intel to help drive the transformation of IT management and to create a global gold standard for IT Management.

The Innovation Value Institute brings together leading academic and industry practitioners for an open collaboration on the research, development and dissemination of empirically proven and industry validated IT best practice.

IVI’s IT Capability Maturity Framework™ (IT-CMF™) is a comprehensive suite of proven management practices, assessment approaches and improvement strategies covering a number management disciplines or Critical Capabilities (CCs).


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