February 18 2021 : Accelerating SME Digital Transformation & Competitiveness through Collaboration and Partnership

In order to survive and thrive in a post-Covid world, many SMEs are seeking to transform their business. Digital is the key to success. In order to deal with the unprecedented consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, and Brexit, Irish SMEs have turned to specialised academic research centres like the Innovation Value Institute, Maynooth University’s ‘one-stop shop’ for businesses to access digital expertise and empowerment. The Innovation Value Institute (IVI) enables companies to boost their business activities, as well as innovate new products and services to grow their customer and market share.

In this first IVI Webinar of the Spring 2021 Series – in collaboration with our research partners Lero, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software; the ADAPT Centre, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for AI Driven Digital Content Technology, and, the Ireland Mid-East region’s newest Digital Innovation Hub, MERITS – we showcased Irish firms who have embraced Big Data, AI, and IoT to digitally transform for success, and also introduced EIT Digital, Europe’s leading digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation.

Ably facilitated by Joan Mulvihill from Siemens Ireland, proceedings were opened by Prof. Markus Helfert, Director of IVI. The webinar featured speakers representing a range of SMEs and supporting organisations, including: Willem Jonker, EIT Digital; Enda Keane, Treemetrics; Greg Chew, QPQ; Matt McCann, Access Earth; John Murat, Talent Cloud Media; Louis Ryan, Ash Technologies; and Alan Darcy, anam Technologies.

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View the webinar HERE to hear our speakers’ stories and the dynamic Q+A and panel discussion that followed, and find out how IVI can help your SME accelerate for success in 2021 …and beyond