The Health Service Executive (HSE) has been a member of the Innovation Value Institute Industry Consortium for a number of years, and  IVI has undertaken a range of research and development engagements with the HSE including:

  • Organisation capability maturity assessments
  • Certified professional training in IVI’s IT Capability Maturity Framework Body of Knowledge for HSE ICT staff
  • Capability improvement programmes for HSE ICT
  • Digital transformation programmes for HSE Human Resources and digital change teams

In 2019, IVI joined the core curriculum development group to co-create an innovative MSc in Digital Health Transformation programme hosted in University of Limerick but featuring modules from seven higher education institutes, including Maynooth University.

Following a successful programme launch in January 2020, IVI Head of Education Michael Hanley returned in early January 2021 to commence his module (Health Service Digital Transformation). Using remote lecturing technology, the first block of lectures was delivered to the new intake of 57 post-graduate students, drawn from the HSE and the healthcare ecosystem. Digital Transformation signifies a fundamental change in how technology, people, and processes will combine to radically enhance healthcare. Technology is helping us live longer and lead safer, healthier, more productive lives. The impact of digital in healthcare will enhance quality of health and save lives for decades to come. In the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, the utility and value of digital for healthcare is demonstrated as it enables the sector to deploy new tools and ways of working in the face of this social and economic disruption.