Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Doctoral Network (DN) EnTrust

Tuesday, 24th October 16:00-17:00 IST (GMT+1)

John Hume Boardroom, John Hume Building

This will be a 30-minute presentation by Dr. Zohreh Pourzolfaghar from the School of Business on the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Doctoral Network (DN) EnTrust. EnTrust is funded by the European Commission Doctoral Networks project based in Innovation Value Institute – IVI – (MSCA-DN-101073381– EnTrust HORIZON – MSCA – 2021 – DN) programme under the Horizon Europe (HORIZON) Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. MSCAs are the European Union’s flagship funding programme for doctoral education and postdoctoral training of researchers. The EnTrust Doctoral Network will train a cohort of 11 Doctoral Researchers (DRs) in an intersectoral, international and interdisciplinary setting with the aim to establish a new generation of Data Executives that are able to advance the state of the art in sharing data in a fair, transparent, and trusted environment. 

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How can digital technologies help us to improve our health and wellbeing?

Wednesday, 25th October 10:00-17:00 IST (GMT+1)

IVI Boardroom (238) Eolas Building

As part of Maynooth University Research week in October, Marco Alfano Innovation Value Institute will host an interactive experience on Wednesday 25th Oct “How can digital technologies help us to improve our health and wellbeing?”

This interactive experience will allow people to explore the newest and most fascinating technologies used in healthcare (digital corner) and express their opinions and ideas on how to create the digital health ecosystem of the future for person-driven health and wellbeing.

Call in anytime between 10am and 5pm that suits you, we would be delighted to show you the latest technologies on health and wellbeing and hear your ideas.

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Requirement Modeling for AI Act Compliance for Data Sharing in Health Data

Thursday, 26th October 11:30-12:00 IST (GMT+1)

Online Event/ IVI Boardroom (238) Eolas Building

As part of Maynooth University Research week, Mansoor Ahmed Innovation Value Institute will present on the topic “Requirement Modelling for AI Act Compliance for Data Sharing in Health Data” on Thursday 26th Oct at 11:30 (GMT+1).

The European Union is on the verge of adopting a series of regulations that will affect how data is collected and shared in the EU. These include the Data Governance Act, the Digital Services Act, the Digital Markets Act, the Artificial Intelligence Act and the Data Act.

The evolving nature of international standards for trustworthy AI exacerbates these requirements and compliance mapping challenges. The need for the harmonization request for the AI Act to be satisfied by European Standards Development Organizations that are not current driving those standards and the proliferation of other proprietary, international, and national guidelines and standards for trustworthy AI.

This work presents an open approach to capturing requirements from different regulations and associated standards documents so that the sufficiency of the local management process and resulting artifact exchanges between value chain actors can be compared and compliance with different regulatory and policy requirements can be assessed and tracked.

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IVI Coffee&Talk

Thursday, 26th October 13:30-14:00 IST (GMT+1)

Online Event

You are invited to join the Innovation Value Institute’s Coffee&Talk on 26th Oct Thursday at 1.30pm. Maryam Nawaz will present Unlocking the Personal Health Empowerment & Wellbeing with Mobile Health Technology.

This informal meeting will allow both researchers and the wider public to find out about and discuss digital innovations across a number of different fields.

Join us and explore Mobile Health Technologies for laypersons’ health & well-being and discover either it’s sense of empowerment or an illusion!


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Webinar: Open Data and Data Sharing – Striking a Balance

Thursday, 26th October 15:00-16:30 IST (GMT+1)

Online Event

The benefits of Open Data and Data Sharing are widely documented in both private and public sectors; covering economical benefits to health benefits to multiple ‘data for good’ initiatives. Realising the benefits of open data and data sharing can only truly be achieved through striking a balance between openness and privacy/data ownership concerns.


The IVI Webinar series in conjunction with the SFI EMPOWER Data Governance Research Programme will address the challenges and opportunities for both private and public sector organisations in their upcoming webinar – ‘Open Data and Data Sharing – Striking a Balance’.


Join our expert panellists on 26th October to gain insights into this critical topic.

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