A Critical part of the current IVI research agenda is the connection between capability and competency

Back L-R-  Eiji Hayashiguchi, Chief Advisor, IPA IT HR Development HQ, Prof. Brian Donnellan, VP and Dean of International Affairs, Maynooth University, Prof. Philip Nolan, President, Maynooth University, Martin Delaney, General Manager, IVI, Osamu Endou, Group Leader, IPA IT HR Development HQ
Front L-R Prof. Ray O’Neill, VP for Research and Innovation, Maynooth University & Dr. Tatsuo Tomita, Chairman, IPA

Organisations measure their capability to maximise the effectiveness of their investment in technology using the IT-CMF and go on to build and deliver improvement plans to bring the organisation to the level of capability maturity needed. In that delivery process, improving the skills and competency of people is invariably a major part of that improvement plan. The organisation must know what skills are required to bridge capability gaps and this is at the centre of our collaboration.

The IPA have developed a comprehensive ‘competency dictionary’ (iCD) that defines the tasks an organisation may need to execute, and the supporting skills and knowledge required to successfully execute that task. This is a very comprehensive BoK.

The IVI will integrate this BoK with IT-CMF to align a range of tasks with the appropriate Critical Capabilities, and Capability Building Blocks.

Organisations will then be able to determine the competencies needed to deliver the required capability. This will guide recruitment and investment in organisational training.