Dr. Martin Curley

IVI Co-Director, Professor of Technology and Business Innovation at NUI Maynooth, Director, Intel Labs Europe


Martin has a degree in Electronic Engineering, a Masters in Business Studies from University College Dublin, Ireland and a PhD in Information Systems Management from NUI Maynooth.

Career Highlights

Prof. Martin Curley is Professor of Technology and Business Innovation at NUI Maynooth and co-Director of IVI, helping lead a unique industry-academic open innovation consortium to advance IT management and innovation. Prof Curley is a fellow of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland and the British Computer Society. He is a frequent international keynote speaker on Innovation and Technology.
Martin is also the recently appointed Director of Intel Labs Europe whose mission is to advance Intel research and innovation in Europe while partnering to enable European competitiveness. Prof Curley is also Senior Principal Engineer and Global Director of IT Innovation at Intel Corporation managing a network of IT Innovation centres catalyzing worldwide IT Innovation. Previously Prof Curley has held a number of senior IT Management positions for Intel and held management and research positions at General Electric and Philips.
Prof Curley is author of “Managing Information Technology for Business Value” published by Intel Press, January 04, co-author of “Managing IT Innovation for Business Value” published in 2007 by Intel Press and co-author of “Knowledge Driven Entrepreneurship” published by Springer in Jan 2010.

Research Interests

The business value of information technology
Making user experience a business strategy
Measuring and valuing IT enabled employee productivity

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