Next-Gen IT: Boosting IT Effectiveness Through Superior Value Management.

A CIO’s guide to IT value management

CIOs, IT professionals and business leaders struggle to measure IT effectiveness.

Because IT can no longer be seen as a back-office function – organisations need to provide tangible and logical evidence of the effectiveness of the IT function and IT value management.

While IT has the power to be an important centre of innovation, value and profit, it often falls short of its potential.

Put bluntly, in most businesses, IT is a cost centre, not a value centre

In this ebook you’ll learn:

  • how you can dramatically improve your IT effectiveness
  • how to assess and understand your IT effectiveness, so you know where you stand, and where you need to be
  • about a powerful assessment and framework you can use to make better IT decisions
  • how you can start implementing improvements today.
Next Gen IT - Boosting IT Effectiveness ebook cover