The Innovation Partnership Programme (IPP)

The IPP is a collaborative research project between IVI Research and BNY Mellon Client Technology Solutions (CTS). The research is focused on capability improvement and designing supporting solutions. The project team has worked collaboratively to generate insights and artefact prototypes.

A sample of artefact prototypes can be seen below:


1. Practce Improvement Model (PIM): empowering people to improve

The PIM is a holistic model that guides a team through the process of collaborating, measuring and improving organizational practices using IT-CMF.

Stage-1 Vision and Engage

1. Culture Dial

Quick assessment of organizational readiness

Click here for initial prototype

2. Vision Crafting Workshop

In this one hour workshop you will craft the message which be the basis of your communication plan for a specific stakeholder or stakeholder group

Click here

3. Leadership Commitment 

A set of decisions for a leadership team to make in order to confirm their committment to support capability improvement in their area.

Click here.

4. Stakeholder Alignment Workshop

This three hour workshop should be used to build a team working on improving a particular capability. The team will come from a variety of functions, and will have different perspectives on the scope, skills, knowledge, or collaboration options for improvement.

More details here.

5. Stakeholder Engagement Deck

A presentation outline to use in communications with stakeholder groups to introduce your improvement initiative.

See here.


6. Sample Improvement Goal

The outline an improvement goal to include in performance and development  goals. See here.

Stage-2 Measure & Focus

1. Rapid Maturity Check (RMC)

Quick survey to assess maturity in a local domain

Click here for sample survey

2. Invitation to participate in RMC survey (email)

Email text to use to invite people to give their feedback on your service via the RMC (Rapid Maturity Check) Survey.

See here

3. RMC Survey Results 

A sample results deck for the RMC Survey.

See here

4. Leaders Analysis Workshop

A workshop for the leadership team to analyse survey results and prepare for review sessions. See here

5. Results Review Workshop

RMC survey data are reviewed for a more qualitative understanding of data, and to indentify those who wish to work on achieving improvements.  Here are some of the materials for the workshop:

  1. Workshop – View here.
  2. Sample workshop activity deck – View here
  3. Output template – Download here

6. Ratify Focus Deck

The leadership team examine the outputs from review workshops and confirm the improvement activities they will sponsor.

See the deck here.

Stage-3 Collaborate & Improve

1.Improvement workgroup roles

  1. Leader  see here.
  2. Member see here
  3. Sponsor see here

2 Improvement Workshop

3. Team Guidelines

4. Benefits Mapping Workshop

Stage-4 Measure & Learn

1. See RMC in Stage-2

2. Retropsective guidelines

3. Improvement Review Workshop




1. Change Agent Training

Training to support change agents in leading and motivating their teams through improvement initiatives

Click here for training video

2. CI Roles Profiles

An overview of the role and key skills for CI proles

  1. CI Leader Profile
  2. CI Sponsor Profile
  3. CI Facilitator Profile

3. Success Factors

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