Funding Opportunities


Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher Programme aims to build links between Irish Public bodies and small businesses. Thus, small businesses developing a business opportunity or problem can apply for an Innovation Voucher to get the support of universities on some aspects of their innovation. This usually leads on to larger collaborations and funding supports.
Typical funding: €5000 per voucher

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership Programme encourages Irish based companies to work with Irish Research Institutes to access their expertise and resources to develop new and improved products, processes, services, and generate new knowledge and know-how. There are two options within this programme: a feasibility study and a full multi-year project.
Typical project funding: €100,000 – €250,000; 20% industry contribution.

Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Programme aims at developing the next generation of industry led centres based in the Institutes of Technology’s around Ireland. Each Gateway will be funded for 5 years with a budget of up to €1,200,000. This budget will be used to fund a Gateway manager and up to three engineers. The Gateways will mainly provide technology solutions for the close-to-market needs of Irish industry and will be industry led.

The IRCSET Enterprise Partnership Scheme links private enterprise and eligible public bodies to award co-funded postgraduate scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships to the most promising researchers in Ireland. The Scheme facilitates the establishment of new relationships and the strengthening of existing relationships between industry and academia while offering financial support to researchers at an early stage of their career development.
Funding is available to support postgraduate Scholarships at €24,000 per annum and postdoctoral fellowships at €39,640.00.

The Enterprise Ireland R&D fund offers R&D finance and expertise to grow companies’ sales and employment. The R&D fund is focused in supporting technical feasibility studies, High Potential Start-ups and in-house and collaborative R&D projects with Irish colleges or companies.
Funding is available to support postgraduate Scholarships at €24,000 per annum and postdoctoral fellowships at €39,640.00.

SFI Industry Fellowships Programme facilitates exchanges between academia and industry to stimulate excellence through knowledge transfer and training. Fellowships can be awarded to academic researchers wishing to spend time in industry worldwide and to individuals from industry anywhere in the world wishing to spend time in an eligible Irish Research Body.
Available funding covers up to a maximum of €120,000 direct costs for academic researchers and only travel and subsistence costs for industry candidates. Fellowships can be between 3 and 12 months if full-time, or between 6 and 24 months if part-time.

Fusion Programme is a technology transfer programme from InterTradeIreland that will support you develop a project in partnership with a third-level institution and a high calibre science, engineering or technology graduate. The graduate is employed by you and is based in your company throughout the project with mentoring from the academic partner and InterTradeIreland FUSION consultant.
Funding is available to support an 18 month project worth up to €52,800 typically in the area of new product/service development or a 12 month project worth €37,000 typically in the area of process improvement.

SFI Strategic Research Clusters (SRCs) programme has been designed to facilitate the clustering of outstanding researchers to carry out joint research activities in areas of strategic importance to Ireland, while also giving the time and resources to attract and cultivate strong industry partnerships that can inform and enhance their research programmes. Click here for a list of established SFI funded Strategic Research Clusters.

SFI Research Professorship Programme assists research bodies in the recruitment of world-leading researchers for Professorial Chairs, or similar research leadership positions in targeted scientific areas in all areas covered by SFI’s legal remit. The programme may also act as a mechanism to support the recruitment of individuals who possess a strong industry background, as well as directorship roles in established research centres within eligible research bodies in Ireland. Funding of up to €5M (direct costs) will be provided to each successful applicant for a five-year programme of work.

SFI/EI Technology Innovation Development Award (TIDA)

The purpose of this joint SFI/EI initiative is to realise a greater economic impact from the state investment in oriented basic research. It is envisaged that successful TIDA awardees will initiate commercially relevant applied research programmes, develop the commercial expertise within their laboratories and be primed at the end of their awards to apply for more significant levels of commercialisation funding.

SFI SPOKE Programme

SPOKE is SFI programme and designed to deliver excellent basic, oriented research results and discoveries in targeted projects associated with SFI Research Centres. SFI’s Spokes programme is a vehicle to enable the addition of new industrial and academic partners and projects to a SFI Research Centre, so allowing the Centre to expand and develop in line with new priorities and opportunities. This will ensure that the Research Centre retains its ability to do cutting edge research and its industrial relevance, and so enhance its sustainability.
Fixed call: A minimum budgetary contribution of 30% will be required from industry.
Rolling call: The industry partner (or partners) must make a minimum 50% cash contribution to the research programme.


Horizon 2020 

Horizon 2020 is a new European framework with includes Research and Innovations Actions and Supporting Actions with aim to promote excellent research and development across Europe. IVI is actively participating in recent calls and open for future partnership and collaborations under main pillars: Excellent Science, Industrial Leadership, Societal Challenges, Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation, Science with and for Society.

IVI is actively looking for partner for Marie Sklodowski Curie Actions “Research Innovation Staff Exchange” (RISE), where knowledge between academic and industrial partners will be shared to support research and development within involved organization across Europe. 

IVI is in a position to host an individual researcher from anywhere in the world under the EU Marie Sklodowski Curie Action Individual Fellowship scheme and European Research Council grants.

DG Enterprise and Industry 

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry has the mission to promote a growth-friendly framework for European enterprises. It has a key role in the Europe 2020 agenda of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

DG Enterprise and Industry is playing an active role to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth throughout all industrial sectors, including service industries like tourism. The policy of DG Enterprise and Industry contributes to making Europe a more competitive, innovative and resource-efficient economy, ready to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

DG Regional

Regional policy touches all parts of the EU, and at all levels – from the EU-wide and national scale, to Europe’s regions and local communities. It is part of the EU cohesion policy, the European Union’s strategy to promote and support the overall harmonious development of its Member States and Regions. The policy is implemented by national and regional bodies in partnership with the European Commission.

EUREKA network

EUREKA is an intergovernmental organisation for market-driven industrial R&D.  It is a decentralised network facilitating the coordination of national funding on innovation aiming to boost the productivity & competitiveness of European industries.

EUREKA Clusters are long-term, strategically significant public-private partnerships. Most of Europe’s leading companies participate in EUREKA Clusters, developing generic technologies of key importance to European competitiveness.

EUREKA Umbrellas are thematic networks that focus on a particular technology or business sector. Their goal is to generate and support R&D projects in their specific field of operation.

EUREKA’s Eurostars Programme is the first European funding and support programme to be specifically dedicated to research-performing SMEs. Eurostars stimulates them to lead international collaborative research and innovation projects. The Eurostars mission is “To support R&D-performing entrepreneurs, by funding their research activities, enabling them to compete internationally and become leaders in their sector.”

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