Engaged Research

IVI have an ongoing research agenda that is focused on aligning the enabling contribution of Technology with the business goals of organizations.

We continually steer and evolve our research to accommodate innovations in IT management.

Engaged Research

Our research team’s focus is academically verified and driven by the needs of our industry partners. Through close collaboration and knowledge exchange, we document best and emerging practices and quickly respond to our partners’ requirements, across various industry sectors, including but not limited to ICT, Energy, Public Sector, Finance, and Healthcare.

Current Research Activities

Key Research Themes:

Key research themes are driven by our partners’ and members’ needs to accommodate IT innovations in their dynamic business environment:

Research Product Development

  • IT-CMF
  • Digital Readiness assessment
  • Master Metrics
  • DevOps


IVI has developed a solid partnership with industry-leading companies and worldwide academia via participation in various national and international projects.  Ongoing projects and projects completed to date include:

  • IT Capability Maturity Framework Development
  • Digital Platform to Support Online Consumption


  • Policy Support Programme for Grand Coalition for ICT Jobs (thematic network)
  • Curricula for eLeadership Skills under eSkills: European Guidelines and Quality Labels for New Curricula
  • The International Dimension and the Impact of Globalization
  • Monitoring and Benchmarking Policies and Partnerships
  • A pan-European Framework for ICT Professionalism

Research Funding Opportunities

IVI is constantly looking for organizations and outstanding researchers to conduct high quality research in the area of Information System Management (ISM) and related topics.

Working at the intersection of business and technology, we aim to provide thought leadership in IT business value and innovation.

We have a particular focus on The Digital Agenda and the imperative to develop a business capability perspective to enable digital transformation.

There are National and International programmes which are of particular interest to IVI.

These programmes are aligned with the Research Centre’s overall development strategy and they cover various industry sectors including, but not limited to:

  • ICT
  • Energy
  • Public Sector
  • Finance
  • Healthcare

PhD Programme

Full-Time and Part-Time Research

The IVI, in collaboration with the Maynooth University School of Business, accepts applications for full-time and part-time research at Doctoral (PhD) level.

Applications will be considered from candidates wishing to undertake research in areas related to IT Management and IT Innovation.

The IVI is pursuing the following academic research themes:

  • IT for Business Value
  • Sustainability
  • The Role of Technology in Innovation and Service Innovation (including Cloud Computing)
  • ICT Professionalism and Policy

Further Information

Interested candidates should contact Professor Brian Donnellan (brian.donnellan@nuim.ie) for initial enquiries.

Subsequently, candidates would then identify a potential supervisor and make contact to informally discuss their area of interest.

After the supervisor agrees to consider supervision, the student should submit a research proposal directly to the supervisor.

If the potential supervisor agrees to work with the student and is satisfied with the research proposal, a formal application for entry may be made.

Applications made without this agreement of a supervisor cannot be processed.

Details of the application process are available here:
School of Business Application Process
School of Business PhD Application Form


IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF): The Body of Knowledge Guide

Editor: Martin Curley, Jim Kenneally, Marian Carcary Publication Date: September 2015 Abstract: Information technology has the potential to transform business models, enable new products, processes and services, and help organizations to grow and prosper. This...
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Characterizing the Digital Business

Author: Eileen Doherty, Gerry Conway, Marian Carcary, Jim Kenneally Publication Date: September 2015 Abstract: Over the last number of years the importance of ‘digitizing’ the organization and of implementing a ‘digital strategy’ has been identified as one of, if not...
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Review of the IT-CMF framework for the implementation of IT-accessibility

Author: Daryoush Vaziri, Catherine Crowley, Andreas Gadatsch Publication Date: June 2015 Type of publication: Conference proceedings Abstract: IT-accessibility is often treated as an orphan in companies, even though the proportion of disabled people is substantial and...
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Commissioned policy research reports

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