PERFORM European Digital Retail Summit

Friday, June 18th 2021

This FREE to attend online summit will bring together an exciting combination of speakers from both industry and research to present and discuss advances and best practices from every aspect of Digital Retail. It will also feature an interactive networking space on the website, that will allow participants and speakers to meet on the day of the event as well as for the following month.

Bringing together researchers, practitioners, and leaders of industry to explore current trends, innovations and the new frontiers of Digital Retail.

Key Themes

Digital Retail Business Models

With an increased digitization of the retail sector, it is essential for retail companies to adapt their business models in order to stay competitive on the market. As consumer habits continue to evolve, for companies looking to grow their digital retail businesses, choosing the right business model is key. During the Digital Retail Forum, we are going to be talking about the current approaches, tools, and practices that can help you create a sustainable business model and convert random shoppers into loyal buyers.

Retail Supply Chain and Logistics

In the digital retail economy, retailers are under pressure to optimize supply chain efficiency and provide seamless service to customers via multiple channels. During the Digital Retail Forum, we are going to discuss industry-leading practices, technologies, and approaches aimed at creating optimized and agile supply chains capable of achieving cost efficiency and sustainability, multi-channel fulfilment, rapid delivery, end-to-end security, etc.

Innovation and Digital Retail Technologies

Retailers today are being forced to rethink their business approach, making companies develop and roll out innovative retail technology to create a better customer experience. Smart retail innovation, however, requires asking questions and focusing on the right projects since innovation needs to serve measurable benefits for various stakeholders. At the Digital Retail Forum, we are going to talk about the latest technology trends in retail, how innovations help shape the current retail landscape, and the steps for traditional retailers towards becoming a digital company

Customer Experience in Digital Retail

Digital retail keeps growing exponentially and a great customer experience is a major driver of growth and revenue as customers who walk away happy are way more likely to become loyal clients in the future. Therefore, retailers should evaluate their end-to-end digital customer experience with an understanding of best practice in that area. At the Digital Business Forum, we will be talking about the evolving nature of customer experience, why it is important to help your business grow, and how digital transformation in retail is enhancing the customer experience.