DevOps Assessment- Sample

The DevOps Effectiveness Assessment (DEA) is a new IVI assessment drawing on the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF).

The assessment provides a holistic analysis of an organization’s DevOps maturity, and identifies the key relevant IT-CMF Critical Capabilities (CCs) to aid improvement.

DevOps refers to a set of technical, architectural, and cultural practices aimed at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of delivering business needs into production, through improved communication and collaboration between business, development, and IT operations.

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About the Innovation Value Institute

The Innovation Value Institute (IVI) is a multidisciplinary research and education institute co-founded in 2006 by Maynooth University and Intel Corporation with the support of the Irish Government.

IVI’s mission is to research, develop and disseminate empirically proven and industry validated best practice frameworks through a unique open innovation and collaboration between leading academic and industry practitioners.


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