Accelerate your organization’s digital transformation

The Digital Business Readiness Index (DBRI)

The Digital Business Readiness Index

Digitization is a core enabler to how many organizations successfully operate and evolve. It involves leveraging both traditional and disruptive technologies in innovative combinations to transform how organizations redefine their business capabilities across product and service offerings, business and operating models, organizational boundaries and ecosystems, etc. A successful digitized business has at its core, not the digital technologies, rather the capability to execute a series of complementary organizational actions to leverage digital technologies. By considering broader organizational behaviours, organizations can be better positioned to reap successful outcomes from digital transformation efforts.


Seven Key Dimensions

The IVI Digital Business Readiness Index (DBRI) addresses seven key dimensions to aid decision-makers navigate their organization’s digital transformation successfully, namely :

  1. Planning and Execution Management
  2. Ecosystem Management
  3. Delivery and Operations Management
  4. Talent Development and Organizational Design
  5. Investment and Financial Management
  6. Information Exploitation and Security Management
  7. Risk and Controls Management

With careful consideration across these dimensions, organizations can identify complementary actions for successful digital transformation.


Organizations that have participated in the DBRI survey will shortly receive their individual reports analysing their organizations’ behaviour against these dimensions, providing anonymized benchmarks against average and top quartile performers, and outlining prioritized capabilities for improvement. Winners of the 10 copies of the IT-CMF body of knowledge guide will shortly be selected and notified

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