Defending your Data: Data protection for CIOs and IT Managers

A guide to data protection

Data protection and privacy, particularly customer data security, is a top concern for companies, large and small.

With EU GDPR effective on 25th May 2018, businesses need to ensure that they have the capabilities, resources, skills and comprehensive understanding of consumer data protection governance to mitigate against threats to data security and a potential data breach.

The consequences for non-compliance with these and other regulations can be disastrous.

In this ebook you’ll learn:

  • How to address some of the common fears and concerns surrounding data protection
  • About a framework and assessment system for evaluating data security at your company
  • How you can complete a full data security assessment – covering all relevant departments in your company
  • How you can take the first step to improve the data security situation in your company
Defending Your Data - Data Protection for CIOs and IT Managers