Cybersecurity Effectiveness Assessment

The pace of digital transformation, the ongoing evolution of technological trends, and the growing sophistication of cyber criminals mean that organizations face an increased volume and severity of cybersecurity attacks. As the volume of stored data grows exponentially, as more devices, systems, and infrastructure become interconnected and interdependent, and as more interfaces between customers, suppliers, and partners are leveraged, the IT ‘attack surface’ will continue to expand.

All organizations now need an effective cybersecurity capability to protect the computing environment/ infrastructure from cyber-attacks or incidents that can impact business continuity and to ensure the organization’s protection of key information assets.

How can our Assessment benefit your organization?

  • IVI’s Cybersecurity Effectiveness Assessment provides a holistic focus on safeguarding the organization’s digital assets.
  • Allows you to understand its key strengths and weaknesses in securing its IT assets
  • Agree on key cybersecurity drivers and barriers
  • Understand the cybersecurity technology trends that will have the greatest impact
  • Identify capability gaps in delivering effective cybersecurity
  • Identify priority areas to improve and invest in, and gain stakeholder consensus and buy-in
  • Implement improvement recommendations in these areas to drive cybersecurity excellence
  • Support the culture of change in its cybersecurity management approaches

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IVI’s mission is to research, develop and disseminate empirically proven and industry validated best practice frameworks through a unique open innovation and collaboration between leading academic and industry practitioners.


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