Cyber Security effectiveness guide

An IT Leader’s Guide to Cyber Security in a Changing World

Cyber security is a massive and growing concern for organizations , non-profits, and government entities.

Everyday, cyber attacks wreak havoc on organizations, from the smallest companies all the way up to OECD governments.

These include, for example, password thefts that jeopardize data and information security, security breaches that result in loss of internal data, and ransomware attacks that extort multi-million dollar payments from companies.

In this ebook, we will present a clear, unambiguous picture of what cybersecurity is (and is not).

We will show how you can take the first steps toward establishing a cybersecurity effectiveness programme – protecting your organization from cyber security threats.

Finally, we will introduce a powerful assessment tool and decision-making framework to help you implement your cyber security programme.

Cyber Security effectiveness guide

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