IT Capability Improvement Programme (IT-CIP)

A flexible organizational change methodology and toolset designed to facilitate the implementation of IT-CMF.
At IVI we understand that knowing where you are now and where you want to be in the future is a great achievement in itself. However, determining how best to get to your target state can be very challenging. Let IT-CIP help you on your journey.
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Building and Identifying Critical Capabilities

IT-CIP assists organizations to build capability at the Enterprise, Organization and Resource levels.

This is accomplished by helping identify the critical capabilities that deliver the highest value to the business, the building blocks on which these capabilities are supported and the talent and skills required to deliver them.

IT-CIP uses the principles of Change Management coupled with a structured improvement method focused on Discovery, Design, Execution and the Embedding of activities in to day-to-day operations.

IT CIP Phase 1: Discover

The discovery phase has been designed to assist organizations to determine the capabilities that are most important to them, to create awareness of these needs across their business and to embark on the CIP journey.

To achieve this goal the IT-CIP provides for two service workshops and an introductory Capability Assessment known as the “Accelerator”.

The Capability Improvement Strategy Workshop is designed to:

  1. Introduce the IT-CMF and the Capability Improvement Program
  2. Align stakeholders in their understanding of the benefits of IT-CMF and CIP
  3. Understand the challenges in meeting business needs: “Accelerator Assessment”
  4. Guide the organization in the selection of the most appropriate capability maturity assessment
  5. Select an initial assessment and assist the organisation in developing a compelling case for change
  6. Establish Change Leadership and a CIP Program statement
Download the Capability Improvement Strategy Service & Workshop Guide

The Accelerator Assessment is:

A semi-automated, 20 question online survey designed to provide an understanding of an organization’s view of the current capability associated with the industry’s top ten most important management issues.

The assessment is designed to be highly accessible by business professionals who are not technical experts. Therefore it is organized around management issues rather than by the components of the IT-CMF.

The accelerator is ideal for introducing the IT-CMF to an overall organization or to targeted business stakeholders. The survey can be completed very quickly and can provide rapid first-pass feedback on priority technology issues. This feedback then helps drive the activities of the “CI Strategy” workshop.

The “Foundation” workshop is designed to:

  1. Provide a platform for agreement on the Critical Capabilities and Themes for improvement
  2. Define CIP organizational scope and scaling
  3. Establish an initial CIP roadmap, defining milestones, timescales, participants
  4. Assist with the design of the change program, including establishing urgency and determining gaps that require training and education.
  5. Guide establishment of IT-CIP governance, leadership and team structure for CIP roll-out
The Foundation Service & Workshop Guide
The IT-CIP Assessment

IT CIP Phase 2: Design

The design phase provides clear direction for the planning, training and mobilization activities required to drive the plans formulated in the “Discover” phase of the program. We provide a suite of tools and modules to professionally train all participants.

Mobilization Service Workshop

This phase also includes a “Mobilization” workshop designed to: support Capability Improvement (CI) Teams to effectively organize and initiate improvements in line with the overall IT-CIP Roadmap.

This workshop is divided into two parts.

Part 1: Team Mobilization

  • Building the IT-CIP team
  • Determining the Capability Improvement (CI) teams’ processes and activities
  • Conducting assessments and action plans preparing detailed work plans
  • Building capability – designing change, addressing skill gaps
  • Preparation of team work plans and roadmaps

Part 2: Program Mobilization

  • Review of the CI team recommendations
  • Prioritization of cross-team improvements
  • Establishment of an IT-CIP scorecard
  • Finalization of the CI program
The complete Mobilization Service & Workshop Guide


IT CIP Phase 3: Execute

The execution phase assists organizations to stay on their improvement program through the provision of artefacts to support program management coupled with a formal workshop to assess execution performance to date.

Execution Service Workshop

This workshop is designed to review the progress of Capability Improvement (CI) teams and performance.

This includes:

  • Review of score card results, project plans,benefits plan, benefit plans, registers and roadmaps.
  • Risks and challenges and how well they have been managed
  • Project successes and failures and the underlying reasons for these results
  • Comparison of pre and post implementation assessment results

This workshop is designed to support CI Teams in the effective delivery of their CI and change goals.

This will include a communication strategy for CI results that will build support amongst key stakeholders and develop momentum within the wider organization.

The Complete Execution Service & Workshop Guide

IT CIP Phase 4: Embed

The final phase of the IT-CIP has been designed to facilitate the operationalization of the changes and improvements brought to bear in previous phases as well as embedding a culture of continuous improvement and assessment.
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