IVI provides a globally acknowledged process, the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) which allows organizations to baseline their current capabilities while enabling targeted improvement of capabilities through the Capability Improvement Programme (CIP).
With access to the IVI Consortium, you will have the opportunity to engage and consult with industry thought leaders and practitioners with extensive multi industry experience.
As a valued IT-CMF user, you will be able to input into and take advantage of direct access to the product developers and researched to contribute to the ongoing enhancements of Framework’s capabilities.

Aligning IT with Business Strategy

Why use the IT-CMF?

The IT-CMF is an independent Framework.

No bias. No hidden agendas. Only real, end-to-end incremental IT organization transformation that you can measure year-on-year.

Not just a focus on IT.

The IT-CMF helps align IT’s priorities with organizational goals. Our framework creates a common language between IT and the rest of the organization, ensuring clarity of priorities and focus across the board.

It’s a catalyst for change.

The power of the IT-CMF is in the conversations it starts in your organizations, and what it enables. A solid foundation for measurable organizational Transformation.

Diagnose centrally, improve locally.

The IT-CMF has been designed to align people, processes and technology – no matter how geographically diverse or complex your organization

Based on Industry and scientific research.

Our Framework has over 250,000 person hours of work behind it. What does this mean? Our Framework is at the leading edge of industry needs and continually evolving based upon rigorous research and enhancements by industry-leading experts

Both a User and Organizational focus.

Our Framework’s benefits can be realised from an people AND an organizational point of view. Meaning your staff will feel empowered at and throughout your Transformation journey.

The effective alignment of IT priorities with organizational strategy has never been more challenging. Businesses need to mitigate new risks, while ensuring the reliability of the IT organization’s capability to deliver strategically aligned business value. To do this, organizations need proven tools, processes and metrics to measure the total capability of the IT organization. IVI’s unique end-to-end IT Framework, the IT-CMF is the solution to enable continuous performance improvement across the entire IT organization.

How we help companies align IT with business strategy

Across the IT function, businesses are faced with specific challenges relating to connected but distinct areas. IVI offers businesses a detailed & holistic evaluation of the value of their IT function and performance, together with best practice improvement plans.

What they say:

“IT-CMF provides us with a structured and systematic approach to identify the capabilities we need, a way to assess our strengths and weaknesses, and clear pathways to improve our performance.” Suresh Kumar, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, BNY Mellon “To successfully respond to competitive forces, organisations need to continually review and evolve their existing IT practices, processes, and cultural norms across the entire organisation. IT-CMF provides a structured framework for them to do that.” Christian Morales, Corporate Vice President and General Manager EMEA, Intel Corporation

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